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Acer TravelMate TM8210-6038 15.4-inch Notebook PC
Price: 288
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Date Posted: 6/8/2012 7:18:34 PM <<Previous Ad  Back to Results   Next Ad>>
Posted By: ytrem  
New and Original laptops are sold discount, purchase to visit Product Description A great companion on the road, the Acer TravelMate TM8210-6038 provides a practical, affordable mobile solution for home office workers on the go and small to medium-sized businesses. This affordable notebook PC is powered by Intel'''' s powerful Core 2 Duo processor, which offers a 20 percent performance boost over its predecessor while using 28 percent less power--so you get the benefit of a powerful dual-core PC plus all the benefits of mobility. The dual-execution core T7400 Core 2 Duo processor provides an optimized, multi-threaded architecture for improved gaming and multit-asking performance, and it features a 2.16 GHz speed, lightning quick 667 MHz system bus, and massive 4 MB L2 cache.

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